Appellation of originProtected D.O. JUMILLA
VarietyMonastrell 100%
To nothing2021
BreedingYes, about Elijah.
bottle typeBurgundy
cork typeNatural
Barrel TypeFrench
winemakingLocated in the Cañada del Cerro Blanco, in the municipal term
of Ontur (Sierra de Albacete).
Production4.600 bottles
Release date15-09-22
Displacement75 cl
Tª Ideal consumption8ºC
% Alcohol12.5
Total Acidity5.89

CATA's notes

Brilliant raspberry colour. Floral scents like rose, persistent strawberry and raspberry fruit. Slate scents true to its home ground On the palate it is silky, light and fresh.


Thanks to its richness, it can be accompanied by a wide variety of dishes, from semi-cured sausages such as loin cane, a fresh or semi-cured cheese and with smoked fish or salted.


For storage, it is recommended to lay down the bottles and keep them that position always before consumption at Temperature between 14º-18º C as constant as possible. Absence of strong odour, Humidity between 70-80% and minimum exposure to light.